These provisions of Privacy Policy applies to natural and legal entities whose personal data are processed by INGSTAD & CO UAB when providing customer support services for:

  • Concluding transport and logistics service agreements with customers or carriers;
  • Submitting invoices, waybills, etc. documents directly, by post, etc.
  • Sending mail and e-mail reminders to customers of their debts to the Company and submitting debt reconciliation reports, etc.
  • Remote customer service channels (phone, email, SMS, etc.).

Here are the main provisions for processing personal data. INGSTAD & CO UAB will inform you about changes to the terms and conditions by posting them on the website of INGSTAD & CO UAB. In some cases, INGSTAD & CO UAB can also inform persons about changes by mail, email or otherwise.


The terms and abbreviations used in the message have the following meanings:

Personal data means any information relating to an identified or unidentified natural person (e.g. name, surname, contact details, etc.).

Person means a natural or legal person (data subject) whose data are being processed (e.g. customers, transport and other service providers, persons who apply to INGSTAD & CO UAB, in providing service orders, requirements, etc.).

Data processing means any action performed on personal data (e.g. collection, storage, access, transfer, etc.).

Other terms used in the provisions are understood as they are defined in the laws regulating the protection of personal data (General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and others).


INGSTAD & CO UAB processes personal data only for specific purposes in accordance with the legal grounds established by law.

Personal data of customers and service providers provided to the Company by its customers/service providers is processed to ensure proper customer service support, which includes customer advice, customer debt management, customer billing, customer contract management, sales of transport and logistics services, sending relevant information about services provided to customers and administering responses to customer queries.



INGSTAD & CO UAB processes personal data provided by customers or service providers themselves and the data received from other sources, such as the registers operated by public or private individuals, to the extent necessary under the legal grounds established by law.


INGSTAD & CO UAB does not transfer personal data to third parties, except when the data is transferred to third parties in providing the company with customer service, transport logistics, software maintenance, accounting and other services, in order to ensure proper provision, management and development of INGSTAD & CO UAB services. In such cases, the company takes the necessary steps to ensure that the service providers (data processors) process the personal data provided in accordance with the instructions and legal requirements of INGSTAD & CO UAB.

INGSTAD & CO UAB may also disclose personal data to partners with whom it cooperates in the provision of transport logistics services, which process data only for the purposes for which they were provided, with appropriate technical and organisational security measures, and for government or law enforcement agencies, police or supervisory authorities when required by applicable legislation or in order to safeguard the rights of the company or the safety of customers, employees and property.


INGSTAD & CO UAB processes personal data for no longer than required according to the purposes for which the data are processed or provided by applicable laws, provided that they establish a longer data retention period.

In order to establish a data retention period, INGSTAD & CO UAB applies the criteria that are in line with the legal obligations, taking into account the rights of the individual, e.g. sets a data retention period during which contract performance requirements may be imposed, if any, and in other cases.


INGSTAD & CO UAB ensures the confidentiality of personal data in accordance with the requirements of the applicable law and we have appropriate technical and organizational measures in place to protect the personal data from unauthorized access, disclosure, accidental loss, alteration or destruction or any other unlawful processing.


The person who has contacted INGSTAD & CO UAB, after his identification, has the right to:

  1. make himself familiar with his personal data processed by INGSTAD & CO UAB;
  2. correction of incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate personal data;
  3. request the destruction of personal data or, with the exception of storage, the actions of processing of personal data in the event of violation of the applicable legislation;
  4. obtain related personal data provided by the person in a structured, easily used and computer-readable format;
  5. request the deletion of personal data processed in the enterprise when personal data are processed in breach of applicable legislation or personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed;
  6. limit the processing of their personal data in accordance with applicable legislation, such as during the period in which INGSTAD & CO UAB will evaluate whether the person has the right to request that his/her personal data be deleted;
  7. oppose the processing of their data and/or, where personal data are processed on the basis of consent, to withdraw the consent in respect of the processing of their personal data without prejudice to the legality of the consent-based processing of the data before the withdrawal of consent.

Individuals may contact INGSTAD & CO UAB for these provisions or for the processing of personal data at Eigulių g. 21, Vilnius, e-mail [email protected].

In case of failure to resolve the issues related to the processing of personal data by INGSTAD & CO UAB and/or the rights of the person, the person also has the right to appeal to the State Data Protection Inspectorate.


When providing personal data to the company, the persons confirm that they are properly familiar with the terms and conditions of the processing of personal data contained in this Notice, and have no objections to the processing of personal data by INGSTAD & CO UAB, the data and information provided by persons are accurate and correct and INGSTAD & CO UAB is not responsible for the provision and processing of excess data, if such data is provided to the company by negligence.

The person undertakes to inform the company of any changes to the data or other relevant information provided.