We transport goods on the basis of general forwarding conditions of Lithuanian freight forwarders (LEBES 2015) and the Convention on International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR). International regulations limit our liability to the customer for loss or deterioration or damage to the quality of the goods.

The carrier’s liability for carriage by air is limited to 19 SDRs / kg (~ 23 EUR / gross kg)

The carrier’s liability for carriage by road is limited to 8.33 SDR / kg (~ 10 EUR / gross kg).

The carrier’s liability for carriage by sea is limited to 2 SDRs / kg (~ 2.5 EUR / gross kg) or 666.67 SDRs / container (~ 815 EUR / container).

The carrier is not responsible for any damage not caused by the carrier’s fault, so the loss will not be compensated for due to poor cargo packaging or incorrect information. If the value of the cargo is significantly higher than the liability of the carrier, we recommend that the customers insure the cargo from all risks with additional insurance. Just let us know and we will handle any additional insurance procedures.

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Ingstad & Co advises companies on various logistics projects implementation questions. We can carry out logistic studies which will increase the efficiency of the company and also speed up customer service. The survey usually consists of several components: transport evaluation, international transportation, trade and supply conditions, customs formalities.

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