STRONGEST IN LITHUANIA 2018 is a financial certificate awarded to reliable Lithuanian enterprises and their managers, justifying a good credit history of the company and its manager.

What are the criteria for certifying companies and their managers?

The key evaluation criterion for STRONGEST IN LITHUANIA 2018 and STRONGEST MANAGERS IN LITHUANIA 2018 is a high credit rating showing a low predicted statistical probability of default in 90 and more days over the next 12 months. The solvency of companies is assessed and the rating is assigned based on the credit history, which includes the performance of the company’s financial liabilities, payment history, financial results and their changes – changes of income, profit, liquidity, equity and other financial indicators. Business links, property attachments, state of the industry and other relevant information is also taken into account. In total, more than 100 different variables that have a different impact on the company’s rating are taken into account during the credit rating.

For the company certification for THE STRONGEST LEADERS IN LITHUANIA 2018, 5-year credit history is additionally evaluated.

The STRONGEST LEADER IN LITHUANIA 2018 certificate is awarded to the manager based on the statistical rating model, if the estimated probability of late payment does not exceed 1.7%.

 Where the data for business ratings is sourced?

Creditinfo credit office receives information about companies from state registers and other market participants – commercial banks, credit unions, leasing, consumer credit, telecommunications companies, fuel, energy, transport and other industries.