Gazelė is awarded for growing, flexible and profitable small and medium-sized companies.

A company of any ownership can become whose turnover has been growing over the last 4 years can become Gazelė.

The essential criterion that determines the winners is the leap of turnover. The competition is organized by Verslo Žinios brings together companies of any ownership that started to operate no later than on 1 January 2013 and their turnover was 0.29–40 million euro in that year.

What is more, transparency and publicity are no less important than the growth criterion: the company has to diligently pay statutory taxes and follow the principles of good business practice in its daily business.

Therefore, winners are scrutinised with particular level of diligence. The competition partner State Tax Inspectorate (STI) helps in evaluating whether the companies pay taxes in an orderly manner, whether the average salary paid by them is not lower than the usual average for the companies in the region engaged in similar business. Managers of some companies should not be surprised to see their enterprise on top of the list, yet not awarded the main prizes – the decision depends on the STI comments.